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On a cool, crisp day in the fall of 2015, George was walking around Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, looking for a pair of trees to string up his favorite hammock and relax. No luck! All of the best hammock spots were taken. Feeling defeated, George rolled out a beach towel on the ground and laid down. After only a few minutes wrestling into different positions, his back was aching. This wasn’t the relaxing afternoon he had in mind! Why wasn’t there a better way?

Enter the WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock Team. In our free time, we love finding the next adventure. Exploring, hiking, camping, outdoor events, pool parties, weekend BBQs, the beach... we needed something that could keep up. Our team wanted to create something lightweight and portable like a hammock, but even more comfortable, durable, and easier to use. No poles, no strings, no hassle. While other companies offered inflatable alternatives, we were not impressed. 


"We wanted a product of unmatched durability, style and comfort. In the end, we created something downright magical: the WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock."


Simply, WindPouch™ is the World's Best Inflatable Hammock. WindPouch™ is crafted with premium materials and packed with convenient features. We make every WindPouch™ with military-grade diamond lattice ripstop nylon and a polyurethane-coating to be water, dirt and UV resistant. Every WindPouch™ includes a rust-resistant carabiner and bottle opener, an anodized aluminum securing stake, securing stability loop, and water-resistant ripstop nylon carrying case. We back our product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Our durable yet lightweight design sets up easily in seconds- inflate, fold, seal and enjoy! 


Your next adventure is calling. Will you answer?